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We Prepare Hybrid Nanomaterials with Unique Nanostructures for Energy and Environmental Applications

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Department of Chemistry, National Changhua University of Education


Latest from the Lab

2022.08 Welcome 郁棻 join us!

2022.07 恭喜思儒獲得2022 TICC國際觸媒會議壁報佳作 Congrats!

2022.06 思儒、昌儒通過科技部大專生計劃 Congrats!

2022.05 思儒、昌儒通過校內專題生計劃補助 Congrats!

2022.02 Welcome 睿煌詩涵、盛閎、子瑜、淳櫻 join us!

2021.07 Welcome 志豪 & 甄憶 join our team!

2021.01 Welcome 思儒、如音、念豪、昌儒、玉睿、婷婕、立旻 join our team!

2020.12 Welcome on board! 瑋臻

2020.08 Welcome 嘉均 join ICC lab as the first master student!

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